Terms of Use of KUPON Site

Welcome to Kupon’s website, Kupon is a company that offers exclusive offers and discounts and the address of its head office is Al-Soor st, Block 13, Building 1, Floor 14, Office 4, Qibla, Kuwait City 14000-Email: info@kuponkw.com-Phone: +965 22066612. Please carefully read and review these terms of use before you access or use the website. Once you access, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you are not entitled to access or use the website and you must immediately stop using the website. We recommend that a copy of these Terms of Use should be printed and retained for future reference.


Kupon General Trading Co. is pleased to offer you its marketing services through social media and the Internet through Kupon Application. Kupon Application can be downloaded on mobile phones through which consumer and non-consumer products and goods can be offered to the public who wish to purchase goods and products, especially if they have attractive offers.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Using Kupon Application

It is a special right to the owner of the website. Therefore:

  • The site retains the right, as it deems appropriate, to change the Terms and Conditions of Use at anytime and such changes shall be in effect once they are published on the Application.
  • It is the responsibility of the subscriber to periodically review these Terms and Conditions of Use until any changes made thereto.
  • By continuing to use the site, you agree to the changes made to these Terms and Conditions of Use or any other policies of the site, and if you do not agree to any changes to these terms and conditions of use you are not entitled to access or use the site and you must immediately stop using the website.
  • The website has the right to collect all the personal information of each subscriber in order to be in contact with him to know his opinion on the performance of the website and improve the services provided by the website in future to acquire the acceptance of all subscribers.
  • The subscriber has the right to return the product within 14 days if it has any industrial defect or violates the specifications stated on the website.

Trademarks, Copyright & Restrictions

The website is managed and operated by the company.

  • All items available on the website, which include the products of the companies mentioned on the website, are protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights and managed by the company or third parties who authorized the company to use their materials.
  • The item available on the website is for personal use only and not for commercial use, re-sale, recycling, publication, replacement, downloading, transmission, storage or distribution by any means whatsoever, including email or any other electronic mean.
  • The use of the above-mentioned item on any other website or network of computers and the use of such item for any purpose other than personal purpose shall be illegal use and in violation of copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights of the website.
  • The use of the said item in a manner contrary to what have been stated in this section shall expose you to both civil and criminal liability.
  • All products available on the website belong to their manufacturing company and any similarity between the products offered shall not be the responsibility of our company as each company has the right to showcase and market any product fit with the purpose of making it.
  • Disallowances of posting and subscription.
  • By using the interactive spaces through the Application, you explicitly agree that you do not post, transfer, distribute, store or create any of the following:
  • Any messages, facts, information, texts, music, audio, images, videos, drawings, sketches or other things (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Content) that are illegal, slanderous, inappropriate, defamatory, sexually explicit, immoral, harassing, threatening, in violation of privacy or publicizing, arbitrary, inflammatory, fraud or any other subjective content.
  • Content that constitutes and encourages to or provides guidance for the commission of a criminal offense or violation of the rights of any party and also the content that may be in breach of the local or international legislation.
  • Content that may be offensive to Islamic rituals and Islamic holy shrines, which include shrines or rituals protected by the provisions of the Islamic Sharia.
  • Content that offends religions or taunts anyone because of their color, sex, religion or work.
  • Content that may infringe a patent, trademark, trade secrets, copyright, or intellectual property right of any party.
  • Content that may impersonate any person or entity or that misrepresents your affiliation to a person or entity.
  • Content that may include unauthorized promotion, political campaigns and request for proposal or publicity, including content that involves of sending unwanted email, a series of emails, unsolicited mass e-mail or instant messaging. In addition to the content that includes links to other websites or pages.
  • Content that includes information about any third party, including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, social security numbers or credit card numbers.
  • Content that contains viruses, distorted data or other harmful or disruptive files.
  • Content that is not relevant to the subject of the interactive spaces where such content has been posted.
  • According to the opinion of the company in its sole discretion, the content that is subjective, restricting any other person from using of interactive spaces or the website or the content that may expose the company, its partners or Applications users to any harm or liability of any kind.
  • Although the Company does not undertake any obligation to inspect, review or monitor any content posted or distributed on interactive spaces, the portal has the right and absolute discretion to remove, inspect or review any content posted or saved on the website without the need for any notice at anytime and for any reason. You are solely responsible for keeping backup and that the charges of any replacement of any content posted or stored by you on the website shall be on your own.
  • Any use of the interactive spaces or any other part of the application in a way that is in violation of the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions shall constitute a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the Application Use and this may lead to suspension or termination of your rights in using the interactive spaces or the Application.
  • You undertake, agree and acknowledge that you are the owner and controller of all rights related to the content you are posting or distributing as well as the legal right to post or distribute such content on or through the Application.
  • The Content posted, submitted and displayed by users is not confidential and the company has no obligation to treat such content as confidential, and without limiting the foregoing, the company reserves the right to use the content in the manner that it deemed fit.
  • The company shall have no obligation to pay for any posted content or for editing, deleting or changing the content when it is posted and shared on the Application. The portal shall has no responsibility for the assignment of the copyright of the content to you and is not obligated to impose any assignment to any third parties.

Liability Limits:

Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, the company shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from tort or any other thing, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages cause by:

  • Any delay or partial or full failure by the Company in performing any of its obligations towards subscribers or purchasers of any product has been sold or marketed through the Application under the terms and conditions of using the product in the Application or the company’s policy as a whole. The producer shall be responsible for the product without any liability on the company. Nevertheless, the company will make efforts to deliver the product on schedule.
  • Any content posted, stored or uploaded by you or any third party in addition to any loss or damages occurred.
  • Any errors, defamation, vituperating, deletion, lying, obscenity, pornographic material, profanity or illegal material that may be posted on the website.

Applicable Law & Disputes Resolution:

The Terms and Conditions of Use are subject to the laws of the State of Kuwait. Both parties agree that the Kuwait Courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to dispose and consider ant actions, procedures or legal disputes related to the use of the Application or any of these terms and conditions of use.

General Provisions:

If any of these terms and conditions of use is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

Kuwaiti law shall be applied where no text is mentioned on the terms and conditions of the website.